About Us

The Test & Research laboratory belongs to DC Di Candia Ruote and is a complete study and research entity where the whole production of DC Di Candia Ruote wheels and castors born, through the research, development and testing of innovative materials, production processes and raw materials. The results are innovative solutions that grants to our clients truly unique products since 1953.

Uniquely Italian

The DCTechLab has been recently relocated in new premises, always in our home town, Besnate, and just 2 minute walking time from our production plant. We proud ourselves to study, develop and produce exclusively genuine and top-of-the-edge Italian materials.

High temp specialized

Continuous testing on updates in heat resistant and freezing resistant materials have permitted us to be the first and still unique manufacturer to provide phenolic free food contact materials in compliance with the EEUU and FDA rules on high temp and low temperature wheels, released on May 2011.

From A to Z

Our materials are developed in our DCTechLab from A to Z, to grant to our customers unmatched solutions from high temperatures to low temperatures to food contact and hygienic state of the art raw materials. All our materials are exclusively made in Besnate, Italy.

- Our Brands -

The brands of the materials developed by DCTechLab are those who gives the name of our wheels and castors lines,
proud to be original Italian and made in Besnate.